Backyard Wedding Bouquet

Covid-19 has made every business person think differently. Having all of our weddings get pushed out or cancelled we had to come up with new ideas on how to promote ourselves, and use the products/flowers we have grown. It's June and peonies are plentiful! I couldn't tell you what the name of each of them are, who cares! I grow them for the color, the size, basically whatever works with the criteria.

The criteria for this bouquet: The bride needs a bridal bouquet in two days, likes the color blue, naturalistic in style and my height 5'4''

That is all I got, which is awesome! I could make anything I wanted! I made the bouquet with everything I had in my garden, except for the "blue". Had to make a trip to Boston(1hr.10min) to pick up Tweedia. This is the first time I've used three different types/color of peonies in one bouquet and it worked, yay.

I made the bouquet as always the day of the event, wrapped with antique lace and delivered for free with the intent to take photos. Cost to the bride: $150 with a bout for free.


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